The Fi Europe Innovation Awards honours professionals and companies for their ability to demonstrate and stimulate innovation, and for their contribution to the industry.


Sustainability Champion Award

  • IOI Loders Croklaan

    Building a traceable, transparent and sustainable palm oil supply chain

  • FoodSolutionsTeam B.V

    Carrot Fibre from Production Side-Streams

Future of Nutrition Award

  • Monteloeder S.L

    Digitization of functional foods/ beverages with an impact on consumer’s health and wellbeing

  • Alberts

    The Automated Alberts Smoothie Machine

Organic Champion Award

  • Best Cooking Pulses, Inc.

    BEST Certified-organic Pea Hull Fibres

  • Herba Ingredients BV

    Organic Baby-Food Rice Flours; from Seed to Spoon

Clean label & Natural Innovation Award

  • Corbion

    Verdad® Avanta®: Natural multifunctional solutions beyond food safety and shelf life. Verdad® Avanta® F100 and Verdad® Avanta® Y100

  • Ingredion

    HOMECRAFT® Create 865 and 835 flour

Life Stages Innovation Award

  • Novozymes

    Novozymes Formea®, a unique innovation in low-allergenic infant formula

Performance Nutrition Innovation Award

  • Arla Foods Ingredients

    Crystal Clear Protein Water with Lacprodan® DI-9213

  • ADM

    ADM HIsolate 75/80

Growth Categories Innovation Award

  • Erie Foods International, Inc.

    ECCO Milk Protein Crisps

  • Partner - M JSC

    Starch Flour Amilon

  • Parabel USA Ltd

    LENTEIN - a protein revolution

Reduction & Reformulation Innovation Award

  • IOI Loders Croklaan

    Presdough® 270 SB

  • DSM

    DSM Delvo®Cheese CT-Light improves taste and texture in low-fat cheese

  • METAROM Group

    ACTI'BOOST Sweet range by METAROM Group

  • Novozymes

    Great-tasting fermented milk products with less added sugar using Novozymes Saphera® FMP

Expo FoodTec Innovation Award

  • Handary S.A.

    Antipack™ - Biodegradable Active Antifungal Film


Scelta Taste Accelerator combines an entrepreneurial approach with co-innovation and sustainability. The jury praised the company for meeting societal and consumer demands, by creating a functional and health promoting ingredient from waste products.

Scelta Taste AcceleratorFi, Innovation Award for Most Innovative Food Ingredient

The market was pressured towards more affordable bakery and food products, puff pastry manufacturers face significant challenges in balancing the cost and producing great products that are affordable to the end consumer. AAK offers a high-performing baking solution for puff pastry.

AAK Akopastry HP 400 & 200, Best Bakery Innovation Award

Cargill allows cocoa farmers to transport their cocoa beans to market more easily and reliably. The jury emphasised that environmental strategies alone are no longer exceptional but the norm. Actions that extend beyond the environmental and incorporate social, cultural and economic initiatives embody the true scope of sustainability.

Cargill - Affordable finance for cocoa farmer cooperatives, Best Sustainability Innovation Award