The Fi Innovation Awards honours professionals and companies for their ability to demonstrate and stimulate innovation, and for their contribution to the industry.

The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.

Albert Einstein, PageLines

Be a yardstick of quality. Some people are not used to an environment where excellence is expected.

Steve Jobs, PageLines

Any product that needs a manual to work is broken.

Elon Musk, PageLines


The 3-step approach is IOI Loders Croklaan’s strategic approach for delivering a traceable, transparent and sustainable palm oil supply chain. It works in conjunction with our Sustainable Palm Oil Policy and third-party supplier annex, which sets a new bar for best-practice in the sector. The 3-step approach places traceability front and centre of our strategy for supply chain transformation. First, we understand the origins of our oil, then we assess for risk, and then we use our market leverage to drive sustainable practices on the ground. We have achieved 100% traceability to mill level and are now working to achieve full traceability to plantation.

IOI Loders Croklaan, Sustainability Champion Award - WINNER 2017

Herba Ingredients is the European rice flour producer of the Ebro Foods Group, worldwide leader in branded rice and pasta. Herba Ingredients manufactures allergen-free rice and pulse ingredients in different factories over the continent. Together with 2 sister companies of the Ebro Group, Herba Ingredients has developed organic rice flours from its own organic cultivated rice. Through own rice cultivation programs, developed in the South of Spain, we achieved to produce organic rice flours with full traceability. These innovative flours meet the EU baby food legislation, and are therefore widely used by infant formula manufacturers.

Herba Ingredients BV, Organic Champion Award - WINNER 2017

Alberts is innovative. It is a micro-factory focused on the automated preparation of smoothies and self-cleaning. Excellent taste, no added sugar. Recipes are based on nutritional computations of molecular ingredient compatibility and thereby scientifically optimized for nutrition and taste. Consumers pay only €3 for a 300 mL smoothie. In every region, the open business model includes local frozen vegetables & fruit suppliers and other partners. Albert has agreed on a contract with Carrefour Belgium to install multiple Alberts Stations in their Stores all over Belgium.

Alberts, Future of Nutrition Award - WINNER 2017

At Arla Foods Ingredients, we’ve developed a naturally healthy ingredient for making a protein-enriched sports drink as crystal-clear as water – and just as refreshing. Neutral in taste and easy to absorb, our whey protein isolate Lacprodan® DI-9213 supports strong muscles and bones in our low-energy beverage concept, which is entirely fat and sugar-free. Trials in our application centre have successfully produced clear beverages with up to 8.5% whey protein

Arla Foods Ingredients, Performance Nutrition Innovation Award - WINNER 2017

During a period where clean and natural foods have never been in greater demand, Ingredion has produced an ingredient that supports the ultimate clean label claim – without any of the usual compromises in functionality. HOMECRAFT® Create 865 and HOMECRAFT® Create 835 are the food industry’s first ever functional native waxy rice flours for highly demanding, clean label applications, including soups, sauces and ready meals.

Ingredion, Clean Label and Natural Innovation Award - WINNER 2017

New innovative solution from Novozymes Novozymes Saphera® is a new generation of lactase that opens new opportunities for introducing dairy products containing less added sugar while maintaining the same delicious taste. With this technology, health-conscious consumers gain dairy products that have less sugar and are low lactose, without sacrificing on taste.

Novozymes, Life Stages Innovation Award - WINNER 2017

ECCO Milk Protein Crisps (US Patent 9,723,859) are a new dairy food that contain 90% protein. Casein and whey proteins are recombined at 80% and 20%, respectively, to maintain the protein ratio of fluid milk and cleanly claim “milk protein isolate” as the only ingredient. Shape and size of these light, crunchy, low fat and carbohydrate, gluten and soy free, unflavored puffed pieces are customizable for the intended application. ECCO Milk Protein Crisps can be consumed directly, flavored like a cheese puff, or used as an inclusion in protein bars, breakfast cereals, or in quite possibly any other application.

Erie Foods International Inc., Growth Categories Innovation Award - WINNER 2017

Antipack™ is a kind of biodegradable active antifungal film used to prevent the mold growth by releasing gradually chitosan-containing Phenyllactic acid activities onto the surface of solid foods during the shelf life period, satisfied to both consumer’s and food manufacturer’s choice in natural, health, convenient, cost-efficient antimicrobial packaging.

Handary S.A., Expo FoodTec Innovation Award - SPECIAL COMMENDATION 2017

DSM’s Delvo®Cheese CT-Light allows cheesemakers to create continental cheeses using low-fat milk with the same taste texture that consumers expect from a full-fat product. During the cheese making process, the culture replaces fat with water without any negative impact on physical or sensory properties. With DelvoCheese CT-Light, fat can be reduced by 30% or more, alongside a significant cut in calories. This is done without additives or stabilizers. This total culture solution enables cheesemakers to meet the consumer demand for healthier options by giving the impression of a full-fat product but with less fat and fewer calories.

DSM, Reduction and Reformulation Innovation Award - WINNER 2017