Sustainability Champion Award

  • IOI Loders Croklaan

    Building a traceable, transparent and sustainable palm oil supply chain

  • FoodSolutionsTeam B.V

    Carrot Fibre from Production Side-Streams

Future of Nutrition Award

  • Monteloeder S.L

    Digitization of functional foods/ beverages with an impact on consumer’s health and wellbeing

  • Alberts

    The Automated Alberts Smoothie Machine

Organic Champion Award

  • Best Cooking Pulses, Inc.

    BEST Certified-organic Pea Hull Fibres

  • Herba Ingredients BV

    Organic Baby-Food Rice Flours; from Seed to Spoon

Clean label & Natural Innovation Award

  • Corbion

    Verdad® Avanta®: Natural multifunctional solutions beyond food safety and shelf life. Verdad® Avanta® F100 and Verdad® Avanta® Y100

  • Ingredion

    HOMECRAFT® Create 865 and 835 flour

Life Stages Innovation Award

  • Novozymes

    Novozymes Formea®, a unique innovation in low-allergenic infant formula

Performance Nutrition Innovation Award

  • Arla Foods Ingredients

    Crystal Clear Protein Water with Lacprodan® DI-9213

  • ADM

    ADM HIsolate 75/80

Growth Categories Innovation Award

  • Erie Foods International, Inc.

    ECCO Milk Protein Crisps

  • Partner – M JSC

    Starch Flour Amilon

  • Parabel USA Ltd

    LENTEIN – a protein revolution

Reduction & Reformulation Innovation Award

  • IOI Loders Croklaan

    Presdough® 270 SB

  • DSM

    DSM Delvo®Cheese CT-Light improves taste and texture in low-fat cheese

  • METAROM Group

    ACTI’BOOST Sweet range by METAROM Group

  • Novozymes

    Great-tasting fermented milk products with less added sugar using Novozymes Saphera® FMP

Expo FoodTec Innovation Award

  • Handary S.A.

    Antipack™ – Biodegradable Active Antifungal Film